Join our exclusive Empowerment Portal for Women where you not only find practical masterclasses and also an abundance of support and experts for all areas of life and business needs. More details of each of the packages below.
Available for individuals and groups.
This is literally what the Empowerment Portal does. It connects you with the right resources - you will find an abundance of online masterclasses as well as downloadable worksheets that help you implement what you need in the areas of Leadership, Physical or Mental Wellness, you also have access to Career Coaching and if you are feeling adventurous or multi-passionate - we also talk about entrepreneurship. We also run a community with fresh information - so this portal is never coming to a standstill but is continuously updated and will host more resources as we keep developing and listening to what our community members want.

We recognise that purely online resources might get you to a certain point only - hence we have a collection of hand-picked experts that offer complementary sessions included as part of the membership to help you independently and confidentially.

Likewise we also offer corporate and group licences for entire teams and departments because we know it is super important for employers to recognise staff members' desires to continuously evolve and at times having to deal with physical and emotional stresses where they may need support and guidance. The Empowerment Portal has all of this covered. The experts are accredited individuals and have an abundance of corporate experience themselves, hence bring a real and practical approach to the workplace with their content and support.

They consist of a panel of experts ranging from professionals in Leadership Development, Career Coaching, Nutrition, Hypnotherapie, Evergy Healing, Health and Wellness Advisors as well as Lifestyle Coaches.
One place to get all the support you need for life and career
I am particularly passionate about empowering and supporting women to step into their power and become leaders in their own right. I believe everyone has the potential and is often scared to share their voice and step up. 

I know often it is difficult to open up and get the right help. Sometimes we don't even know that we have a problem. I certainly know that in order to feel fulfilled and do a good job day in and day out, we need to see our lives holistically.

Without our health we can't perform. 
Without mental wellness we might develop physical illness. 

You can see how all these topics are connected?
And making a big difference to our lives?
When we get empowered when we gain new skills when it comes to our careers?
When we find our voice and become speak up because we no longer have to suffer stress, anxiety, overwhelm or guilt?
When we live a well balanced life where we eat healthily and be active and can juggle the logistics of home life and work?
Hi, I am Sabine Matharu - founder of The Empowerment Portal and host of Women In Leadership Summit. 
During my career in Senior Leadership,  I have been through some tough times in male dominated environments, as well as performing in high pressured roles. So I know what it can be like and how overwhelm and stress creep in.
It doesn't need to be this way - everyone has the right to enjoy their career and be the best version they can be.
Why Is The Portal So Powerful and Who is it for?
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  • A directory of highly trained and experienced (hand-picked) professionals to cover support in a wide range of life and business challenges
  • Including Leadership tools, Metal and Physical Wellness, Career Coaching, Entrepreneurship, Parenting, Relationships, Money, Mindset, etc.
  • Each section includes a Masterclasses, worksheets, videos, audios such as meditations, actionable short training modules and receipies
  • It's ever evolving as we are continuously developing and updating the platform with new relevant resources
  • We understand people have busy lives so each module is simple and actionable and pushes accountability 
  • This is not about watching a bunch of videos and then not doing anything - we encourage members to share progress and challenges and support via one to one calls
  • There are different levels of packages where the "Basics" deliver a range of resources to tap into for starter. The "Lite" version dives deeper and provides a higher level of support, whereas the "VIP" bundle can deliver in depth transformations and members will receive additional bonuses and one on one time with specialists. 
The Empowerment Portal
What is it/who for?
Take a sneak peek of what’s inside ....
Bundle 1: Women In Leadership Basics
Bundle 2: Women In Leadership Lite
(total value £2,997 - join today for only £497)
Bundle 3: Women In Leadership VIP
(total value £7,997 - join today for only £1,997)
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