Enabling Business Success by Empowering People 
 Personal & Career Development Portal to Empower
Individuals & Organisational Teams to drive results
Over 30 experts & 50 speed-training programmes under 1 roof
Live Q&As, accountability and community support
Individual & Corporate Memberships supported
2x less likely to be sick, 6x less likely to be absent
9x more loyal, 31 % more productive, 55 % more creative

(MIT & Harvard)
With a collection of over 30 experts we are providing a unique experience of online and offline career & personal development programmes in small bite size chunks called "Speed Learning". 
We believe this portal is essential for individuals and organisations to empower and upskill team members so that they can achieve their highest potential every single day.

Ideal for:
1. Individuals who are looking to upskill and improve their life & career
2. Organisations who want to empower their staff but don't have the "in house" skillset or not enough capacity to lead and run training programmes.

We cover all aspects from home life, to mental & physical wellness, career development, leadership and entrepreneurship!

Why The Empowerment Portal? - Why Now?
What benefits & results can you expect as an individual and organisation?
Join our exclusive Empowerment Portal - tap into SPEED LEARNING MODULES, access experts directly and implement!

We have memberships individuals and tailored licences for organisations.
Take a sneak peek of what’s inside ....
OVER 50 PROGRAMMES IN 1 PLACE! Worth over £10,000 if purchased individually.
Plus new resources are being added every month!
How is this unique and different?
  • This is for individuals as well as organisations (who are looking for an out-sourced all-round solution) to help their staff stay healthy, engaged, empowered as well as giving them the necessary tools to step up into leadership help them cope in the current situation and step into a "new normal".
  • If you are also sick of hours of long winded webinars with only little value then this is the right place - we have speed-training modules - those are short and snappy and to the point with actionable take-aways and worksheets to download.
  • Promotes D&I and supports minority groups learning, awareness, understanding and integration of the topics through our interactive discussions (through our VIP level live Q&As and lunchtime learning sessions)
  • It sits independently from HR, a safe, supportive, and inclusive environment.
  • This portal gives every staff member a great personal development foundation – this way, not only the high performers get support.
  • All staff members will feel valued by gaining access to all the different training topics and could be a great distinguishing factor when it comes to Employer branding and Employee benefits.
  • Accountability is built in through rewards, live sessions and personalised study path creation.
  • Flexible learning from home – members decide what topics and when.
  • Members on VIP level can request additional topics and connect with our experts live (monthly topics can be voted inside the portal).
  • We also help people transitioning into retirement, into a new role, entrepreneurship or back to work.


Short and impactful masterclasses (we call it SPEED TRAINING MODULES) with downloadable worksheets that help you implement what you need our 6 core areas.

Get accountability and interaction. This portal is never coming to a standstill but is continuously updated according to member's requests.

Includes an individual study path that you can customise to meet your ambitions and goals in- and outside of work.


A collection of hand-picked experts that offer 121 sessions included as part of the mentored membership to help you independently and confidentially.

Our experts consist of a panel of experts ranging from professionals in Leadership Development, Career Coaching, Nutrition, Hypnotherapy, Energy Healing, Health and Wellness Advisors as well as Lifestyle Coaches.


Individual and corporate memberships and group licences for entire teams and departments. 

We know it is super important for employers to recognise staff members' desires to continuously evolve and at times having to deal with physical and emotional stresses where they may need support and guidance. The Empowerment Portal has all of this covered. 

Mental wellness to help you adjust to the 'new normal' so you can enhance all round performance and life quality. These will help you to...
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Increase self-confidence
  • Beat depression & stress
  • Boost your immune system
  • Enhance your resilience
  • Tap into home working and home schooling resources
  • Improve your personal and business relationships

Physical wellness is paramount - for those that may not be able to go to a gym or want to loose weight but need a sustainable plan.

  • Healthy eating
  • Physical Exercise
  • How to prevent and reduce physical illness
  • Physical illness healing programmes
Survival Kit to beat uncertain times is a resource we have pulled together in the light of the current pandemic with an SOS kit so you can...

  • Reduce anxiety
  • Beat depression 
  • Handle stress
  • Boost your immune system
  • Enhance your resilience
  • Work on your Money Mindset
Career Coaching is for those that want to further their career or need to pivot and apply for a new job which will aid you with...

  • Finding your purpose
  • Clarify your next career move
  • Help writing your new CV
  • Sail through job interviews
  • Know how to job search
  • Boost your Networking on Profile on LinkedIN
  • Explore alternative options such as a new career or entrepreneurship
Leadership Tools are not only for leaders but also for team members who want to enhance their 
  • personal effectiveness
  • communication skills
  • communication effectiveness
  • remote working team performance
  • team leadership
  • and much more.

Leaders empower teams - empowered teams drive bottom line results!
This Entrepreneurship path is for those that want or need to pivot through job loss, discover new or additional income streams and do something you are passionate about so you are able to short cut and avoid detours in understanding...
  • How to start your online business
  • How to grow your business and become visible
  • How to network powerfully
  • How to create digital programmes
  • Online Marketing & Sales
  • LinkedIN Masterclasses
  • Entrepreneurship Community

Home Life Balance is a place where you can find support around home life challenges, such as
  • Parenting
  • Love & Relationships
  • Divorce
  • Bereavement
  • Money Mindset
  • Daily Success Habits
The Women in Leadership section holds a range of programmes relevant for women
  • Women's Network
  • Women's Physical Wellness
  • Leadership Toolkit
  • Mental Wellness
  • Female Empowerment
  • Relationships
  • Networking Skills
  • Communication Tools

The EmpowerMEnow summit is an annual event where speakers from the Empowerment Portal bring together their best 3 golden nuggets in 6x60 minute power sessions.

In addition VIP members will receive access to monthly live lunch time training & Q&A calls.

  • Increase your business growth by motivating and building business leaders with creative ideas and initiative.
  • Gain a competitive advantage by being agile and resilient by increasing your employee's skills, confidence and team leadership. 
  • Increased brand reputation through highly engaged employees which will attract more customers and increase Employer Brand perception which provides the best resources and development path for their members of staff.
  • Less staff turnover, loyalty and confidence returning to jobs, and teams are ready to take on new work and new challenges.

We also offer Corporate Memberships with options for lunch time learning clubs and tailored experiences for your employees.
Alternatively you can email us at contact@theempowermentportal.com with your question.
Featured expert: Elaine Batho

I’m Elaine Batho, I’m a transformational specialist, so people can go from overwhelm and stress into their own authentic health and happiness.

I’m so grateful to be here part of this portal to be sharing my knowledge, my wisdoms, my insights with you through the work that I do.

My background was in the corporate world. I understand the pressures to succeed, to keep up with the volume of work, and the pressure to keep up with everybody else.
Unfortunately back then I didn’t cope so well with the pressure, and I suffered with chronic stress, anxiety and panic attacks.

I now know how important it is to take care of ourselves physically mentally, spiritually and emotionally.
That’s why today I do the work that I do. I learned that there is a different way. I learnt how to transform my life. Today I’m the healthiest and happiest and most me I’ve ever been. And how to do this is what I share with you through my work. I’m sharing with you in this portal, how to manage stress. With some really useful insights and snippets to take away and learn to manage your stresses.
  • A central portal of curated SPEED trainings without fluff from highly trained and experienced (hand-picked) professionals to cover support in a wide range of life and business challenges.
  • Including Leadership tools, Metal and Physical Wellness, Career Coaching, Entrepreneurship, Parenting, Relationships, Money, Mindset, etc.
  • Each section includes a Masterclasses, worksheets, videos, audios such as meditations, actionable short training modules and recipes.
  • It's ever evolving as we are continuously developing and updating the platform with new relevant resources expanding our offerings including an interactive community, offline workshops, retreats and summits.
  • We understand people have busy lives so each module is simple and actionable and pushes accountability. 
  • This is not about watching videos and then not doing anything - we encourage members to share progress and challenges and support via one to one calls on our mentorship level memberships.
  • "Grow Emerging Leaders" deliver a range of resources to tap into for starter. The "Empower Evolving Leaders " version dives deeper and provides a higher level of support - including one to one calls.
The Empowerment Portal
What is it/who for?
OVER 50 PROGRAMMES IN 1 PLACE! Worth over £10,000 if purchased individually.
Plus new resources are being added every month!
I wanted to create ONE place to get the support you need for your life AND career
Who is behind this portal?
Hi, I am Sabine Matharu!

Leadership coach | Management Consultant | Trainer | Speaker | Double Best Selling Author

- Founder of The Empowerment Portal
- Founder of The Quantum Growth Academy
- Host of The EmpowerMEnow Summit.

- "Rise - In Pursuit of Empowerment" and
- "Joy - Recipes for Abundance"

With extensive leadership and coaching experience in fast paced, high performance environments, I have been performing in high pressured roles.

So I know what it can be like and how overwhelm and stress creep in not only for myself but also other team members.

The time is now and the time is right. The story behind the portal and why & how it was created...

I have been called to create 'The EmpowerMEnow Movement and The Empowerment Portal' about 18 months ago - to provide a portal to empower people especially in these times of uncertainty!

In time I realised, that whilst we are required to perform on a certain level, we need to maintain a balance inside and outside of work to ensure continued passion, motivation, as well as physical and mental wellness. This way, everyone can enjoy their career and are the best version they can be and as a result perform even better.

It all started on my path of discovering my true passion. After having my second child, I decided it was time to step out and reach for more in life, to increase my impact and do what I love doing.

This led me on a path to building large communities of entrepreneurs, masterminds, online TV shows as well as authoring a range of best selling books.

And it was through me being invited to speak in front of women in leadership, that I came to realise that an all-encompassing resource and community is the solution to a lot of challenges that individuals and teams are facing. So, I it dawned on me! I had to create ONE place where people could find resources that would cover all their needs holistically to become a better person, to develop their skillset and careers with the help of a group of experts under one roof.

  • Without our health we can't perform.
  • Without mental wellness we might develop physical illness.
  • All these topics are interconnected, hence the portal content has been well thought through, making a big difference to our lives.
  • When we get empowered when we gain new skills when it comes to our careers.
  • When we find our voice and become speak up because we no longer have to suffer stress, anxiety, overwhelm or guilt.
  • When we live a well balanced life where we eat healthily and be active and can juggle the logistics of home life and work.

Who is the portal for?
Its for organisations, teams and individuals who recognize that the future looks different. That we all need to continue our education and empower ourselves and our teams. We have carefully selected the different topics that will support different areas, such as mental wellness, physical wellness, leadership, career coaching and entrepreneurship.

I am an individual – can I sign up?
Yes. We have individual (private) annual membership plans independently from any organisation without sponsorship from your line manager.

I want to get membership for our organisation – how is this possible?
Please book a call with us to discuss your needs – e.g. the size of the organisation so we can discuss a group bundle as well as rollout plans with you so we can customise as much as possible to suit your requirements.

NOTE: The Empowerment Portal is a great benefit for employees, pulling together the resources commonly needed by people, working together in corporate environments. It also pulls in resource material that enables your team members to be the strongest they can be in their working lives and their home lives with less likelihood of one bleeding into the other.

You can book a call with us here:
or via email contact@theempowermentportal.com

What do you mean by Whole Human Empowerment?
Too often at work we are provided with learning that is just enough, but not more, than what is required to deliver on the work productivity. 

At home, in our personal lives, we often seek additional learning and empowerment from various different communities that nurture us and provide us with the additional pieces that are missing from our working environments. More and more our working lives need more from us than simply the technical know-how and job-based skills. 

There is more requirement for mental wellness in our jobs and the impacts of physical wellness are increasingly being recognized as important for work productivity. The Empowerment Portal provides a variety of content that covers the majority of the topics to help the Whole Human 'beingness', operating in stronger ways in working and home lives.

What are the different membership levels?
1. Grow Emerging Leaders which is for those that would like to self-study. You will have access to a wide range of workshops, videos and workbooks.

2. Empower Evolving Leaders for those that would like to take their personal development to the next level and have access to one to one calls with our experts in addition to their extended programmes.

Each member will also have an opportunity to upgrade and work more closely with our experts at a special “Empowerment Portal” discounted rate through customized sessions and programmes which our experts are running on a regular basis.

How often do you add or refresh content and do you tailor content to meet our needs?
Yes definitely. We are always looking for members feedback and sourcing new experts and relevant topics. We add more content on a monthly basis and will signpost all of our members via our newsletter. We also have regular interactive live webinar sessions with our experts where you will be able to ask questions.

How do I pay?
For individual memberships, choose the level that you think is most suitable - the membership is an annual fee and will automatically renew unless you cancel before the renewal date (Terms and Conditions apply - see our websIte). 

Please refer to the question above as to what the different levels are, click on the button to pay and you will be taken to a secure payment page.

Upon successful transaction, you will receive 2 emails (see question below). Please keep this information save. You then have instant access to the portal resources and can dive right into the content.

If you are a corporate partner, please contact us and we will arrange a licence agreement via email contact@theempowermentportal.com

What happens once I paid – how do I access the portal?
Upon successful receipt of payment (which happens instantly) you will receive 2 emails. One email with your receipt of purchase and a second email with your portal access – a link and your username. There after you can set up your own password which you will be guided through.

How is this different to other memberships and training programmes?

In one word: Engaging! We are putting in great effort to make the portal interactive, including a supportive community, accountability mentorships, and fun. This will include participation in community events such as webinars and our newsletter program as well as online conferences. Your membership in the portal is a one-stop place for becoming and growing a more powerful human being in all aspects of your life and career.

In one word: Inclusive! We carefully curate a wide range of experts that contribute up to date and relevant, high quality content. We are sourcing the content that you are looking for and that is most relevant, interactive and fun for our community. And the content provided is more than training. There are also tools to be used immediately and Experiences to help anchor the learning, empowering immediate practice and use of it for a faster pathway to skill mastery.

Is this portal independent from organisations or will my manager monitor my progress?
Yes. This portal is independent from any organisation, nor do we get involved in recording or reporting progress, comments or questions that might be confidential. This is a great advantage to get confidential advice, a safe place to develop and get support when needed.

What if I want my employer to pay for the membership and they say "no"?
Then you should definitely consider the option to become a member regardless and create your own path of empowerment and personal development, independently from your employer. It will benefit you as an individual all round.

NOTE: We are also happy to provide a consultation with decision makers in your organisation should you wish us to present this opportunity and create a case study for funding. Please arrange a call to discuss this option below.

OVER 50 PROGRAMMES IN 1 PLACE! Worth over £10,000 if purchased individually.
Plus new resources are being added every month!
Contact: Reach For Greatness Ltd., Berkshire, UK.
You can book a call with us here:

If you have any questions regards to ordering any bundles or need help with your order, please emails us at contact@reachforgreatness.co.uk

Please note that all products and services are non-refundable. All information has been collated with care. Reach For Greatness Ltd. does not take on any liabilities for damages resulting in regards to the information presented and the advice given and actions taken. 
Terms and conditions apply as per www.reachforgreatness.co.uk/terms
Reach For Greatness Ltd. 2020. All rights reserved. 
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